Lost Command (Columbia Pictures) (1968)

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wn DHEDUIRE Nl “ACROSS THREE CONTINENTS THE PARATROOPERS OF THE LOST COMMAND” BLAZED A PATH OF genta ae Ves 4 ee COLUMBIA mares et ae ANTHONY ii MANOEON GEORGE SEGALMICHELE MORGAN MAURICE RONET-CLAUDIA CARDINAL . “THE CAPTAIN ...He trusted ‘ no one... except & * the wrong woman! Ih UCTION O SS ~ THE REBEL CHIEF ... Who kills without passion or pity! THE COUNTESS ...Wise in the ways of / war--and men! Ea aa a ia TD fe in Pi PANAVISION®-COLU Sencar == — Utility Mat No. 1 e Ad No. 10! e Ad No. 102 e Ad No. 103 e Ad No. 202 e Ad No. 206 e Ad No. 207 e Publicity Mat I-A e Publicity Mat 2-A a Ad No. 403—540 Lines—4 Cols. x 95 Inches BLAZING Aart AS TRIUMPH PANAVISION® , COLUMBIACOLOR Ad No. 202—28 Lines—2 Cols. x | Inch Page 7