Lost Command (Columbia Pictures) (1968)

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Scaling the heights from the boondocks of COLUMBIA PICTURES ii Dh otGAl i MICHELE UnAN HONE GARDINALE.-”” OREGOIAE Based on the novel Screenplay by “The Centurions” by NELSON KAN LATEGY RANE ACNE Jr UA __ PANAVISION® COLUMBIACOLOR Directed and Produced by MARK Based on the €st-sellep colMcec = ANTHONY QUINN + ALAIN DELON GEORGE SeGAL ——= ; MICHELE MORGAN « * MAURICE RONET... 7” CLAUDIA CARDINALE —AMAADIZ DADCON ISION®COLUMBIACOLOR Red Lion Production 2 Cols. x 55 Inches Ad No. 503—705 Lines—5 Cols. x 10 Inches Also Available as Ad No. 402—452 Lines—4 Cols. x 8 Inches er All advertising material in this pressbook, as j well as all other newspaper and publicity material, has been approved under the MPAA Ad vertising Code as a self-regulatory procedure of the Motion Picture Association of America. All inquiries on this procedure, which is voluntarily subscribed to by the major motion picture companies, may be addressed to: Advertising Code Administrator, Motion Picture Association of America, 522 5th Ave., N. Y. 36, N. Y. E Page 3