Blacula (American International Pictures) (1972)

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COMPLETE AD-CAMPAIGN ON A SINGLE MAT. ORDER FROM NATIONAL SCREEN SERVICE. BLOODSUCKER! Deadlier than Dracula! “BLACULAY \S THE MOST HORRIFYING FILM OF THE DECADE.” _ Count Dracula Society BITE-SIZED — William Marshall, portraying a black vampire in “Blacula,’”’” American International's new screen shocker opening at the Theatre, finds a toothsome portion in the neck of pretty Janice Pennington. An African victim of the insidious Count Dracula, Blacula rises from his coffin to aim his fangs at modern day soul brothers. Produced by Joseph T. Naar, the American International picture was directed by William Crain from a screenplay by Joan Torres and Raymond Koenig. re PRESENTS _ALIVING CORPSE BIACUIA, COLOR Chained forever to a slavery WILLIAM MARSHALL $9208 Palas DENISE NICHOLAS: VONETTA McGEE more vile than GORDON PINSENT:THALMUS RASULALA any before | endured! ““BLACULA’ IS THE MOST HORRIFYING FILM OF THE DECADE.” — Count Dracula Society Deadlier than DRACULA ““BLACULA’ IS THE MOST HORRIFYING ar FILM OF THE DECADE.” — Count Dracula Society Deadlier than Dracula! STARRING An AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL Picture ‘él WILLIAM MARSHALL : DENISE NICHOLAS VONETTA McGEE GORDON PINSET sw THALMUS RASULALA ‘Sroow COLOR Sins» PGI see Se eae ge WILLIAM MARSHALL S9LOR [pG]<> DENISE NICHOLAS-VONETTA McGEE GORDON PINSENT: THALMUS RASULALA Deadlier than Dracula! ED, pr = 23 WILLIAM MARSHALL DENISE NICHOLAS® VONETTA McGEE-GORDON PINSETansTHALMUS RASULALA i» La AS ‘GORDON . OR. ones LDPC] @ si An aden INTERNATIONAL Picture o@ ©1972 American International Pictures, Inc. AD-PUB MAT SPECIAL MAT No.C1