Blacula (American International Pictures) (1972)

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SPECIAL MINI MATS FOR CURRENT NEWSPAPER USE... Deadlier than Dracula! °@ ¢ An AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL Picture C4 | U OR wy wovieras ED [Ps] si ‘ An AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL Picture e@ An AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL Picture él KER! Deadilier than Dracula! BECUAMBIACUIA An AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL Picture @Bl Deadlier than uw. _ AN AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL Picture rH | x z a Dracula! LUAM MARSHALL COLOR [pj | a DENISE NICHOLAS VONETTA McGEE GORDON PINSENT:THALMUS RASULALA An AMER ‘ “Si WILLIAM MARSHALL DENISE NICHOLAS An AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL Picture @ ©1972 American International Pictures, inc. ALL ON ONE MAT ORDER SPECIAL MAT #C-2 MAYBE YOU DON’T BELIEVE IN | | ee A pire Among all the legends of Vampires, the stories of Blacula, Dracula and Yorga, ; there is one point of agreement: That there eet are ways for mortals to protect themselves from those fatal, bloodthirsty attacks. GUARANTEE VAMPIRE : Y + PROTECTION This packet contains leaves Sometimes a golden crucifix works, or } K IT of the Transylvanian Bat-Lau[§} a silver bullet, or a wooden stake. But coe rel tree and is absolutely, un| against all of that hideous breed there is = eee equivocally guaranteed to [ky only one sure protection... the aromatic keep yous arr ere ee leaves of the Transylvanian Bat-Laurel, Vampire attack. fe Laurus vampyrus. ee « : = MeL se secs e lee ree let Grown in the dank, dark valleys of the Just thumbtack this packet Transylvanian mountains it has been culover your door or window, tivated and used by the natives of that or pin it over your heart, a area for centuries as an anti-Vampire wear it in your breast pocket weapon. No one but you and ; j © SLACUL A Although unobtainable in drug stores vA will EiGet dink you and pharmacies of the United States, the ° are being protected. producers of Blacula have gone to great ° expense to make these leaves available in ° . . oe oe . A e e this country. Their efficiency is indisput . oueseee®” eee saci able. Use them and you will be safe. S eoce? ONE PER TICKET SEE OTHER SIDE PURCHASER DO NOT BEND, FOLD, SPINDLE OR REFRIGERATE Side one — Insert Side two — insert Envelope cover art Above is reproduction copy for manufacture of VAMPIRE PROTECTION KITS ... novel gags to hand out to audiences in advance of playdate which will have the whole town buzzing with interest in BLACULA. As illustrated in the photo, the kit consists of an insert containing copy above to which a small plastic bag of bay leaves have been stapled. All are stuffed into standard sized coin envelopes imprinted with the art shown and playdate information. Produce enough in your area to cover audiences attending the week before playdate, plus any mailing you might wish to make to newspaper, television and radio editors who might pick up on the gag with appropriate comments about the film. ORDER FROM NATIONAL SCREEN SERVICE —_::