Blacula (American International Pictures) (1972)

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ADS A LIVING CORPSE... Chained forever to a slavery more vile than any before endured! _ Deadlier Doomed | ow? to Kill, rf wh Tate, Kill pads psi) : on wel ome U-talel am als ’ i i i alte(=YolUl alles : ‘f ri ace Vy cx Kerio, aa cuLA SOCIETY _ count ORA Deadlier than Dracula! [PG] SAMUEL Z. ARKOFF presents COLOR «y movieuas An AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL Picture « a | “BLACULA.”.... WILLIAM MARSHALL DENISE NICHOLAS VONETTA McGEE GORDON PINSENT..THALMUS RASULALA :.:. yaNcy. TAYLOR, SM w MACAULAY csc MUSIC COMPOSED roouceo sy JOSEPH T. NAAR oirecteo sy WILLIAM CRAIN waitten ay JOAN TORRES ano RAYMOND KOENIG ana conoucteo sy GENE PAGE ) 1972 American International Pictures, Inc. mat 302 3 col. x 8 1/8 = 24 3/8 (342 lines ) IS THE cere DENISE NICHOLAS VONETTA = MOST HORRIFYING : FILM OF THE DECADE.” : GORDON PINSENT... THALMUS RASULALA = Count Dracula Society © 1972 American International Pictures, Inc. SAMUEL 7. ARKOFF presents : MAT 100 1 col. x 7 15/16 % ( 111 lines ) WILLIAM MARSHALL DENISE NICHOLAS VONETTA McGEE GORDON PINSET: oe os Goro0N COLOR Sovess [PG]e> c) 1972 American International Pictu MAT 201 2 col. x 3 1/8= 6 1/4 (87 lines) ORDER FROM NATIONAL SCREEN SERVICE