Pathéscope 9.5mm Sound (1956)

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FORTY-TWO Documcntiirv is the junk-heap. Our camera then turns to the South Sea islands for a display of Hula-Hula by tots and teenagers, on then to Siam for a bout of boxing with a real "kick" in it. A more dangerous battle is that fought between Australians and man- eating sharks. These items plus a trip with a 3 ton pick-a-back glider, a V2 rocket miles above the earth and a visit to a Wash- ington home where the family pet is a three hundredweight lioness, go to make this a first-class documentary that will appeal to all audiences. SB/30594 Princess Elizabeth's Tour of Canada. (I Reel). From all parts of Canada the people rushed to greet Their Royal Highnesses — Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip—on their triumphal tour of Canada. Everywhere on route the Royal couple met with crowds of cheering people from the moment when they stepped from the plane at Montreal until they embarked at St. John's for the home- ward trip. The official tour began at Quebec, thence on to Toronto where the Royal Canadian Air Force put on a special show of its forces. Niagara Falls too vi^as a point of great interest. Journeying on, the Royal couple arrived at Calgary where, after a pow-wow with the Indian tribes encamped there, they v^ritnessed a special display of a rodeo and the famous Calgary Stampede. Next over to Port Arthur, where the celebrated Dionne Quins were presented to their Highnesses. In Washington, they were "at home" to the Press of America. Later they entertained President Truman and his family at the Canadian Embassy. Flown back to Canada, the Tour rapidly drew to a close. At every whistle stop along the route crowds thronged the stations, if only to get a brief glimpse of the young couple. Finally to St. John's where they embarked on the ship for their homeward journey. SB/30595 News Review of 1951. (I Reel). A pictorial record of some of the year's outstanding events and happenings, including the fruit- less search for H.M. Submarine "Affray"; H.M. King George VI. opens the Festival of Britain; Welcome to King Haakon of Norway; Trooping the Colour; Princess Margaret's 21st birthday; Oil dis- aster at Avonmouth; A nation waits and watches for news of the King's health; Montreal v^elcomes Their Royal Highnesses at the start of the Canadian Tour; Britain decides (General Election); The Glorious Gloucesters arrive home from Korea; Welcome home to Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip from Canada and Mr. Churchill's birthday. SB/30600 A Tribute to King George VI. (1 Reel). The scenes in this Super Reel film show his late Majesty at the following State functions and sporting activities : The Coronation; Empire Day at St. Pauls; the Meeting of the Garter Knights at Windsor; the Derby 1937; in Glasgow and at Caernarvon Castle in Wales, and the tour of the West country; the opening of the Glasgow Exhibi- tion; with the Fleet; scenes taken whilst relaxing with his children at Windsor: the Annual Bovs' Camp; the State visit to France; at the Wembley Cup Final 1939 and the departure for the Canadian Tour; the period of the War years and the declaration of Peace are also covered, from 1946 the scenes include the Victory Parade, the Royal Tour of Canada and the wedding of his daughter Princess Elizabeth; the Royal Command Film performance; their Majesties' Silver Wedding Anniversary; the Trooping of the Colour; the christening of his grand-daughter. Princess Anne and one of his last public functions, the opening of the Festival of Britain. The final shots are taken outside the gates of Bucking- ham Palace, where the Nation waited and watched during the period of His Majesty's last illness.