Pathéscope 9.5mm Sound (1956)

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FORTY-ONE Documentary A pictorial record of the years' great SB/30490 The Victory Parade. Their Majesties review contingents of Allied Forces, both fighting and Civil Defence, in London. SB/30496 News Review of 1946. Floods throughout England, Victory Parade and Atom bomb tests. SB/30509 Royal Tour of South Africa. Scenes taken during Their Majesties first visit to this portion of the Empire. SB/30523 Wedding of H.R.H. Princess Elizabeth. The Princess leaving the Palace tollowed by scenes at the Abbey and her triumphant return journey. SB/30530 News Review of 1947. Britain's great snow-up, Independence for India and pictures from the Middle East of the war between Jews and Arabs in Palestine. SB/3054 3 Royal Silver Wedding. A pictorial record of Their Majesties* life from 1923 to 1948. SB/305 50 News Review of 1948. happenings. SB/30558 News Review of 1949. The pick of the years' highlights of news including on the spot scenes of the great French forest fires; a tribute to Britain's greatest comedian, Tommy Handley; excerpts from the thrilling Oxford and Cambridge boat race; Bristol Brabazon's successful maiden flight; a pictorial record of Ply- mouth's great welcome to H.M.S. Amethyst; first pictures of the rescue of 13 American airmen marooned in the Arctic; Australian farmers' war on flying foxes; first pictures from Berlin after v^in- ning the blockade battle; graphic rescue pictures tell the story of the sinking of the cross-channel steamer "Princess Astrid"; these and other items form a grand review. SB/305 79 News Review of 1950. A pictorial record of some of the out- standing incidents which occurred during the year 1950, includ- ing the Truculent disaster, storm havoc in Sydney, visit to London of the French President, the jet Comet makes aviation history, Bangkok Royal Wedding, Belgium says "No ' to Leopold, Knock- shinnoch mining disaster, the jet age car, disaster strikes Canada, welcome to Queen Juliana, christening of Princess Anne, Britain decides (Election), Dunkirk memorial ceremony, Korea first pictures from Taejon, a tribute to General Smuts, Inchon landings, a tribute to Bernard Shaw, Mount Etna in eruption and the story of Death Valley in Korea. SB/30580 Sports Review of 1950. This film brings to your screen some of the outstanding sporting events of 1950. The following items are included in this first-class sporting record. BOXING. "Sugar Ray" K.O.'s Stock. SOCCER. Amateurs thrill Wembley. SOCCER. Cup Final Arsenal v. Liverpool. RUGBY. Wales takes Rugby crown from Ireland. RUGBY LEAGUE. Warring- ton win Rugby League Cup. TENNIS. Wimbledon Sedgman V. Patty. HORSE RACING. Lincolnshire Handicap and the Derby. INDOOR CYCLE SPEEDWAY. The Finals of push-bike speedway. ATHLETICS. British shine in A.A.A. TOBOGGAN- ING. Snowtime in Springtime. CAR RACING. Italian cars 1 , 2, 3 in Grand Prix. SWIMMING. British success in Channel swim. RIVER RACING. Festival of the River. SB/30581 Here and There. With this film you can follow the camera "here and there" to many points of the compass and see some of the strange, novel and interesting happenings of the world today. This interesting documentary takes you to the Schoolboys* Ex- hibition where the "lads " of 1875 get together with those of 1950 then on to New York where tl>e Harlem Globe Trotters, America's trickiest basketball team, amaze you with their antics; from there v^'e travel South to San Diego to see the "Wee-Bee", the world's smallest airplane. Whilst in the States we take a look at an un- usual car race and, with thrills and spills galore, the winning post