Pathéscope 9.5mm Sound (1956)

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Docunicntiiry Kearton production featuring the jackass penguins, in the coast of Africa and in their SB/30230 The Coronation Ceremony. In the Abbey, to be anointed and crowned; at the Abbey, to renew the oath of obedience to the laws and service of God and Country. These and other scenes are to be seen in all their beauty, in all faithfulness and clarity, when and where you wish. SB/30272 News Review of 1937. Outstanding events throughout a year containing such high spots of news as the Coronation, the Sino- Japanese War, the loss c5 the "Hindenburg". SB/30287 The State Visit to Paris. A film document of great historical significance and depicting the great reception accorded to the King and Queen by the citizens of Paris, together with a full pictorial account of their Majesties' activities during a four day sojourn in France. SB/30319 The Conquest of War. Many aspects of the international crisis in September, 1938, including the Four Power Conference, A.R.P. and German Troops entering Sudetenland. SB/30338 News Review of 1938. The pick of the year's news stories in pictures. SB/30432 Dassan. (3 Reels). A Cherry Nature's greatest little comedians, native haunt off the south w^est migratory journeyings. SB/30434 News Review of 1939. Pictures of historical events in a year of outstanding history. SB/30454 News Review of 1940. A picture record of outstanding War events, including Dunkirk and the commencement of the Battle of Britain. SB/30458 News Review of 1941. Full historical incidents including the fire blitz on London and declaration of war by Japan. SB/30460 Release of Stalingrad. The Russian ring closes around the 6th German Army marking the end of I 63 days of siege of Stalingrad. SB/30464 El Alemein to Tunis. (3 Reels). The full story in picture form of the routing of the enemy hordes in North Africa. SB/30465 Mr. Churchill in N. Africa and Teheran. Mr. Churchill's visit to the troops prior to the meeting at Teheran and the battle of El Alemein. SB/30466 Conquest of Sicily. (2 Reels). Landing of British and Ameri- can troops on Sicily and the progress made by our victorious troops in the capture of the island. SB/30469 Commandos Raid Norway. Official picture record of an import- ant raid carried out by Commando troops. SB/304 71 Dunkirk. A picture record of the part played by "The Little Ships" in the greatest crisis of modern history. SB/304 73 News Review of 1943. Notable events of the years* happenings including the surrender of Italy. SB/30474 On to Rome. (3 Reels). Showing troops landing in Italy, —6 scenes of destruction in Naples, Anzio beach-head, Cassino, and the liberation of Rome. SB/30478 Great Russian Offensive. (1943-4). (3 Reels). Sweeping aside —80 resistance, smashing every counter attack the Red Army relent- lessly drives the Nazis from Russian soil. SB/30482 Invasion. (2 Reels). "D" Day, June 6th, 1944. Allied troops under General Montgomery break through the so-called impreg- nable West Wall of Europe. SB/30484 Liberation of Paris. The epic struggle of the F.F.I, in the libera- tion of Paris, and the triumphant entry of Generale De Gaulle. SB/30487 News Review of 1944. Our advance in the Pacific, invasion of Europe and the first of the rocket bombs on England. SB/30489 News Review of 1945. Our Year of Victory.