Pathéscope 9.5mm Sound (1956)

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THIRTY-NINE Docum en tary SUPER FILMS SB/793 Ski-ing. Protagonists of ski-ing certainly have a claim to distinc- tion. Theirs is a sport that demands a high degree of proficiency and hazard uncalled for in many other forms of exercise. The art of stepping, stopping and changing direction while on skis is clearly shown in this film. For the more advanced views of jumping, ski-joring with a horse and motor-cycle are interesting studies in this instructive and documentary film. SB/803 Conquest of the Air (The Pioneers). A notable British docu- mentary, v/ith additional photography by the famous German cameraman, Hans Schneeberger. It portrays the beginning of man's mastery of the art of flying, and includes shots from actual films taken of such pioneers as Lilenthal, Voisin, Wright, and others. 5B/806 A Monastery. Directed for Pathe-Natan in 1933 by the noted French documentary maker, Robert Alexandre, this film is a little masterpiece, ^^rhose appeal is timeless. For the first time in history, movie cameras penetrated the mysterious portals of a Trappist monastery in France, and here is sho'wn, with reverence, dignity, and great human insight, the daily lives of the monks, their devotions and labours, and what happens when one of their number passes on. SB/830 The Horse. The rodeo, the circus, hunting, polo and the match- ing of thoroughbreds are shown in this picture as examples of the use to which the horse is still put. It is a review of the qualities and capabilities of man's most noble conquest. This film is also of interest to students of the cinema since it includes a short excerpt from the spectacu'ar chariot race from the famous Ramon Navarro epic of 1926, " Ben Hur." SB/872 Glaciers and their Uses. Electricity is gradually replacing coal, and glaciers are shown as the cheap means of supplying abundant energy. SB/878 Conquest of the Railway. The railways are an industry through which the life-blood of a country flows. Here is a study of de- velopments in locomotion. SB/1467 The Monkey (or Primate). Dealing at length with mammals belonging to the animal class nearest to man in an educational and entertaining manner. SB/5062 The Esquimaux. Life in its many phases, in the frozen North virhere existence is just one long battle against immense odds. SB/301 12 Here Comes the Zoo (Part I, A to K). A visit to the Zoological Gardens. London, to meet the animals. They are presented in alphabetical order. An ideal educational and entertainment film. SB/301 19 Royal Silver Jubilee. Here is a remarkable and complete record of the Royal procession to and from St. Paul's for the Thanks- giving Service. The story begins in the days ^vhen His Majesty King George V. was Prince of Wales and culminates ^vith the film-story of the great day of national rejoicing May 6th, 1935. This is an ideal film for your private library. S6/30171 Here Comes the Zoo (Part 2, L to Z). In conjunction with part I, A to K, this film provides a comprehensive catalogue of the animals. SB/30210 News Review of 1936. This reel contains all the outstanding events of the year 1936, a period of especial interest in that so much which may have an effect on evervone's life was squeezed into a single year. SB/30226 The Coronation Procession. The film of the Coronation Pro- cession both to and from Westminster Abbey brings to you the happy event in all its significance. The actual crowning of the King is shown in this reel.