Pathéscope 9.5mm Sound (1956)

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" The Informer " (SB 30034 - 3 reels) - this tlirillinti drama tells <>r Inl.uiil in her troubled davs and ot the betrayal of a lu^itive from justice bv a tormer comrade. Featuring Lars Hansen and Lva de Futti. From Daniel Defoe's beloved book comes this film story ol " Robinson Crusoe " (SB 30083 - 3 reels) Here is the castaway on the lonely island, with Man Friday as his sole human companion for over twenty years. The Setting of "Marathon Runner (SB 82J-4 reels) is the Olympic Games. A Matador production Star- riii<^ Briaette Holm Snub i'ollarii as the iireat iiiwntor is at his best in this most comical of all farces"It's a Gift"(SB6oo ) Hismany in\entions are calculat- ed to make life easy - that is - when thev \\()rk.