Pathéscope 9.5mm Sound (1956)

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I HIKTY-FIVK Documentary M/30229 Fire Fighters. In this film you can see some of the training of the modern firemen of London and make a close study of pro- cedure when a fire alarm is given in the great metropolis. Finally the camera actually goes into action with all the thrills from the fireman's point of view. M/30275 Mainly Maps. Through the ages, man has tried his hand at recording the appearance of the world. Here are shown some early examples and the latest of all methods, aerial survey. M/30435 Conquest of the "Graf Spee". A tribute to the magnificent work of our Navy, with pictures of the conquerors' welcome to home and London. IVl/3045 7 Atlantic Conference. The historic meeting between Mr. Churchill and President Roosevelt on board H.M.S. Prince of Wales. M/30462 Carrier X. Action in the Pacific. Japanese bombers and dive- bombers attack an American aircraft carrier. M/30468 Dieppe. The Canadians, together with detachments of Allied troops, batter their way onto the beaches of Dieppe. M/30488 Operation Mulberry. This film shows the installation of the temporary harbours for landing D.Day supplies for our troops invading Normandy. M/30495 The Atom Bomb. Showing the shattering effects, and indescrib- able agonies of the latest weapon of modern w^arfare. M/30563 Skyway Masters. Here, in pictorial form, are a few glimpses of the aircraft of the future. Britain's giant Brabazon airliner leads the way with a revolution in air travel. From her maiden flight, that makes aviation history, the Brabazon returns truly Queen of the Skies. From across the Atlantic we see the world's biggest jet propelled aircraft the 100 ton Flying Wing, and from Farnborough Airfield some of the revolutionary advances made in the v^rorld of aviation. Here are shots of the Bristol Freighter, the 3 rota Air Horse and the unique Comet, to name but a few. This film will enable you to see the wonders of the aviation in- dustry's latest developments. M/30643 The Cup Final 1953. This has been described in the National Press as one of the most thrilling and outstanding Cup Finals f«r many years. See the wizardry of Stanley Matthewrs at its best, feel the atmosphere of the tense Wembley crow^d v^hen, in the dying seconds of the game, Blackpool crash home that final goal. This film brings you the highlights of this spectacular Cup Final with its result Blackpool 4 Bolton 3. M/30673 The Cup Final, 1954. A pictorial record of the highlights of the Cup Final at Wembley. Right up until the last I 0 minutes it s touch and go as to which side -wiW -win the coveted trophy, and then, v/ith only a few minutes to go, the Albian crack home the deciding goal. This short film captures all the excitement and frenzy of that dramatic moment. M/30729 Christmas Day Round The World. A special Christmas release that takes you. the audience, round the world on Christmas Day, showing ho'w woshippers in many lands gather to give thanks on this day of all days. This film is released in sound and silent- versions and is certainly a must for all Christmas Showrs.