Pathéscope 9.5mm Sound (1956)

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THIRTV-FOl'P Documentary 'M' FILMS M/1507 Warm Temperate Regions. A wealth of information regarding the part of the world the Cape, the Argentine and the South ELast of Australia where rain rarely falls and the climate is dry and warm. M/i52I Carnivorous Plants. They augment their food supply by captur- ing insects. There are two kinds of plant, those that trap their prey and those that trap and drown their victims. In close-up form you see the actual processes. M/1546 Sponge-Fishing. The production of a common household object from sea-bed to bath-room. M/5007 Winter Sports. Many aspects of winter games are assembled in this fine documentary film. See the pursuit of pleasure amid the splendour of snowf covered mountains and glaciers. Ice-skating and dancing, ice-hockey and bobsleighing and many other sports are vrell depicted. M/5012 Rites and Ceremonies. Weddings, fetes and religious observances on the Continent, carnivals and the sacred dances of Ceylon as well as many other unusual subjects drawn from all over the world. M/5024 Tenth Olympiad. A pictorial record of the Olympic Games, vrhich w^ere held at Los Angeles, U.S.A., in 1932, showing the opening ceremonies and many of the events. M/503I Life in the Sub-Tropics. Central Asia, the Kalahari and Sahara deserts are some of the sub-tropical regions visited and studied by means of this picture. M/5035 The Sea. A very clear exposition of sea tides, their cause and their effect. M/5046 The Arachnida. Spiders and their allies on the screen for close examination. M/504 7 Regions of Ice and Snow. Covering conditions in the North of Europe, in Siberia and the Dominion of Canada, with inform- ative and educational observations. M/5048 Birds and Their Nests. An insight in close-up form to the nature and placing of the homes of many kinds of birds. M/505 I Cold Temperate Regions. This is the part of the Globe in which we live and thus interest is added to the film's educational and entertainment qualities. M/5052 Running Birds. The ostrieh, the nandu and the emu in their natural haunts. M/505 3 Sisal Hemp. The manufacture of rope and cord from raw mater- ial, with the different processes clearly shown. M/5054 On the Mountains. Changes to be noted in the surface of moun- tains as greater heights are reached. M/5055 Tropical Regions. Aspects of the Sudan, the Zambezi, India, treated in both an educational and entertainment manner. M/506I Three Lives on a Lifeline. Directed by Henri Storck, the famous Belgian maker of documentaries. This is one of his most famous productions, a climbing film, taken under great difficulties in the Mont Blanc area. M/30091 The Royal Wedding. The full pictorial account of the prepar- ations for and the Wedding Day of H.R.H. Prince George, the fourth son of H.M. the King and Princess Marina of Greece on November 29th. 1934.