Pathéscope 9.5mm Sound (1956)

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THTRTY-THRKK Documentary A team of eight youngsters in Switzerland are towed uphill by a car and then race their -way to the bottom on skis. A tricky course and plenty of obstacles to make it more difficult. Are ice skaters never satisfied ? They have now taken up rugby, it's a tough game when played on grass, but on ice ! C/307 18 Stars on Skates. The spotlight swings down on to the ice and catches in its beam the graceful figure of Adele Inge, she is not only a graceful skater but an acrobat as w^ell. Chorus girls change their dancing pumps for skates, and to the delight of the audience dance the beautiful " Heart Dance.** In the finals of the .Amateur Ice Skating Championships, Jeanette Altwegg wins a handsome trophy presented to her by Mrs. Attlee. C/307i9 Dizzy Daredevils. A small water tank a perch 75 ft. above the ground a young man poised for a high dive. In slow-motion the camera catches his faultless movements as he swallow^-dives dow^nwards. A young man, bound hand and foot, is drawn up by his ankles over a busy thoroughfare. His object to release himself from his bonds. In a matter of minutes he is free and is agair» lowered to the ground. C/30721 Sporting Types. Take one billiard table, tw^o miniature goals and one egg and the famous Arsenal team are well avsray on a new^ sport. The kids of a London back-street try a new^ game roller-hockey. Shortage of money does not deter them for they borrow^ their Dads' walking sticks and umbrellas and use their coats as goal posts. Basket-ball as only the Harlem Globetrotters can play. Squirming, weaving, ducking, "" selling dummies ' to their opponents, they soon have the ball in their rivals' net. C/30722 Eve Figures It Out. This is a man s film its all about w^omen. You are taken behind the scenes at London's lavish spectacle revue " Latin Quarter " to see some of the prettiest chorus girls practising their slimming exercises. Jimmy Edw^ards visits a luxury swimming pool as a bathing beauty judge. Who v^rould be the poor male -who has to decide that one girl is more beautiful than all the others ? No w^onder Jimmy says " YOU can take it from here ! C/30723 Farnborough Air Show. A visit to Farnborough, showing some of the new types of aircraft that are designed for this modern age, where all the worlds experts on aviation gather to look at Britain's show case of flying. C/30724 Children's Paradise. The war meant bitter unhappiness for many little children losing parents, homes, in fact everything apart from their young lives. Well, imagine a good fairy in the shape of a National Organisation taking a collection of these children to see for the first time in their lives all sorts of toys. As you sit in the audience and watch the reactions of these little ones it is just possible that you may recapture some of your childish delights. This film is strongly recommended for all who love humanity, especially little humanity. C/30725 Laughter and Tears. The same war orphans who visited the toy factory in Children's Paradise are now seated in front of the old fashioned Punch and Judy Show. The hidden camera records the effect the puppets have on these children. As the show proceeds laughter and tears are intermingled. C/30744 The Cup Final, 1956. The boisterous enthusiasm of the supporters of the two rivals, Birmingham City and Manchester City, is infectious as they show their approval of the years' star football teams meeting at Wembley to decide the ownership of the Cup for the year. .A'l the highlights and thrills of the F.A. Cup Final are experienced in this I 00 ft. film.