The Film Daily (1932)

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THE ■c^k DAILY Saturday, Sept 10, 1932 PUBLIX GETS RECEIVER EOR DUBINSKY THEATERS (Continued from Page 1) sky with mismanagement and failure to assign control of 14 houses in the circuit, which totals 22 theaters, to a new corporation; threats to withdraw them from the group and preferment of self as creditor. Dubinsky yesterday said he was "astounded" at the action. Xhe theaters are solvent, he declared, and have no obligations except under their contract. He and his associates will remain in their present capacities, he said. Dubinsky stated that he will immediately file a motion to vacate the order. Cornelius Roach was named receiver in the Circuit Court action and a hearing was set for Sept. 20. Judges Named to Select Technical Achievements (Continued from Page 1) Slaughter is an ex-officio member of the board. Candidates for the sound recording award will be chosen by the Academy's sound section on Sept. 29, at an exhibition of samples of recording from the various studios. Members of the Academy, who are engaged in the short subject field, will meet at an early date to nominate short subject achievements. Primary voting for awards began this week, and the nomination period ends Sept. 22. DROPS FILMS FOR STOCK Freehold, N. J.— The Liberty, independent house, drops films and goes to a stock policy Sept. 19. IN THE HEART OF HOLLYWOOD HOLLYWOOD'S most convenient hotel. Next to famous studios, theatres, cafes and shops... ten minutes from golf courses, bridle paths, etc. The Plaza Hotel is quiet, luxuriously furnished, with restful beds, glistening tile baths and showers, excellent service and cuisine, convenient parking— every modern convenience for your comfort. European plan. $2 50 and up, single. $3. 50 up, double. $4.50 up, twin beds. Special weekly and monthly rates. Look for the "Doorway of Hospitality" HOLLYWOOD PLAZA VINE ST. AT HOLLYWOOD BLVD. A LITTLE from "LOTS ►// By RALPH WILK HOLLYWOOD pERCY TOWNSEND, former head of the sound and camera department at the Pathe studio has resigned, and L. E. (Pete) Clark has been appointed to fill the vacant post, according to Phil Ryan, studio manager. Robert Z. Leonard, who recently signed a new contract as an M-G-M director, starts soon on his next assignment. * * * Arthur Vinton, prominent Broadway actor, who has just completed his work in Columbia's "Washington Merry-Go-Round," in which he made his screen debut, has been assigned another important role by the company. Vinton will have one of the leading parts in "Plainclothes Man," Jack Holt's next starring vehicle. Irving Cummings will direct. * * * Billy Franey, Roland Southern, Joseph Girard and Marston Williams are four important additions to the cast of Radio Pictures' "Renegades of the West." Others in the cast, in addition to Tom Keene who is starred, are Betty Furness, Rosco Ates and Rockcliffe Fellows. Casey Robinson is to direct. Bennie Zeidman is associate producer. » * * Buster Crabbe, present holder of the Olympic championship for the 400 meter swim, was one of a number of University of Southern California athletes selected for work in the football sequences of Columbia's "That's My Boy." The picture is being directed by Roy William Neill from the novel by Francis Wallace. It features Richard Cromwell and includes Dorothy Jordan, Lucien Littlefield and Mae Marsh. * * * Dorothy Wilson, who rose to stardom almost overnight in Radio Pictures' "The Age of Consent," has been getting fan mail from film exhibitors— rare fan mail indeed. Shirley Grey and Willard Robertson have important roles in "Virtue," Columbia picture being directed by Eddie Buzzell. Carole Lombard has the leading feminine role, with Pat O'Brien as the male principal. The screen story was written by Robert Riskin, from Ethel Hill's best seller. Following a month's tour of Euro pean capitals in search of story material, Katherine Brown, eastern story editor of Radio Pictures, has been visiting the Hollywood studios and conferring with David O. Selznick, executive vice-president in charge of producton, on film material for the coming season. * * * In signing John Weld to write the story for "The Double," a feature about the life of a "stunt" player in Hollywood, Columbia Pictures hit upon the happy scenario combination of technical expert and writer in the same man. "Radio Girl," in which Bebe Daniels will be starred by Warnei Bros., is scheduled for production in October. The picture will have several musical numbers by Harry Warren and Al Dubin. Arthur Byron, Broadway star who has just been appearing for First National in an important role in "Twenty Thousand Years in Sing Sing," will be seen next with Joe E. Brown in "You Said a Mouthful." Other members of the cast already announced are Ginger Rogers, Preston Foster, Sheila Terry, Ralph Ince, Oscar Apfel and Walter Walker. Lloyd Bacon is directing the comedy, which has been adapted by Robert Lord from an original story by W. B. Dover. Emmett Corrigan, Wilfred Lucas, David Durand, Virginia Edwards, and Walter Rogers are additions to the cast of "Silver Dollar," currently in production by First National. Spencer Gordon Bennett, director of "The Last Frontier," for Radio Pictures release, has gone on vacation, and Tom Malloy and Harold Ross are completing the cutting of the final twenty reels. Fred McConnell expects to return from New York within two weeks with orders to film a new serial for the Van Beuren Corp. PUBLIX CONSOLIDATES (Continued from Page 1) Sternberg's former territory, the Wilkes Barre District, besides retaining the Pottsville District. The two districts have been consolidated and will be known as the Wilkes Barre-Pottsville District. Manager J. Blanchard of the Strand, Sunbury, in addition to managerial duties, will assist Schmidt in Bloomsburg, Danville, Sunbury and Carlisle. In New England, districts under Division Manager William E. Spragg have been re-aligned with three district managers instead of two. Sternberg, with headquarters at the Paramount, Providence, now supervises Brockton, Newport, Pawtucket, N. Attleboro, New Bedford, Providence, Woonsocket and New London. George T. Cruzen, whose headquarters are now at the Paramount, New Haven, supervises Worcester, Hartford, Norwalk, New Haven Springfield, Stamford, S. Norwalk and New Haven. John B. Carroll, with headquarters at the Broadway, Springfield, includes in his district Westfield, N. Adams, Holyoke, Greenfield, Amherst, Pittsfield, Chicopee, Northampton, Athol and Gardner. Allied-M.P.T.O.A. Confab Set for Chicago, Sept. 18 (Continued from Page 1) A. Lightman of the M. P. T. O. in New York yesterday. It is possibk that the meeting will last more than one day. CLIFTON FILM AT CAMEO "Nuri, the Elephant," three reel adventure picture, is being shown at the RKO Cameo on the same program with "China Express." It was produced in India under the direction of Lola Kreutzberg. "TIGER SHARK" OPENING SET Edward G. Robinson in "Tiger Shark" has been dated by Warners to open Sept. 15 at the Winter Garden, following "Big City Blues." 2 VIRGINIA CHARTERS Richmond — Middleburg-Hollywood Theater, Inc., has been incorporated with D. C. Sands of Middleburg as president. Other officers are Russell Graham of Middleburg and John F. Wharton of Westport, Conn. Checking Electric Bills A new department has been created at the Publix home office to check up bills for electric light and power serv ice. E. A. Weekes, formerly with engineering and electric companies, has joined Publix to head this Electrical Rate Department.