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Saturday, Sept 10, 1932 DAILY U% OF AUGUST RELEASES OKAYED FOR FAMILY TRADE (Continued from Page 1) August compares with some months in the past year when the number of such features was as low as 30 per cent. A mark of special merit also was accorded to 12 of the past months' releases. Non Partisanship Urged In Academy Awards {Continued from Page 1) Awards should be conducted on a strictly non-partisan basis. "The prestige attached to these awards and their incentive to achievement may be maintained only if studio affiliations are disregarded by the Academy members in making their nominations and casting their ballots," says the notification, in part. Among those signing the letter are Emanuel Cohen, Harry Cohn, Samuel Goldwyn, Joseph M. Schenck, Winfield Sheehan, Irving G. Thalberg and Darryl Zanuck. WORLD WIDE PREPARING 2 West Coast Bureau of THE FILM DAILY Hollywood — Two World Wide features are being prepared for production. With "False Faces" completed, the KBS unit is starting on "Uptown New York," based on Vina Delmar's story, "Uptown Woman." Edwin Carewe at the Metropolitan Studios, is preparing to place in production "Tarnished Youth," from the screen and stage play, "My Son." Sada Cowan has just completed the adaptation. Jetta Goudal has the feminine lead. RESTORE ADMISSIONS Richmond — A return to fall prices, with slight advances in many instances, is noted in a state-wide survey of admission scales in Virgina. Loews' here and Loew's State in Norfolk are playing exclusive runs at 50 cents top at night. PLAZA, K.C., FIRST-RUN Kansas City — A first-run policy has been inaugurated by Fox at the Plaza. REMINDER Detail a man to watch house temperature. AIDNGJ^RIALTO KL2* NEW YORK. IDS ANGELES • • • SOME OF our favorite fan mags are missing from the newsstands this week because the company handling them ., Eastern Distributing Corporation run by Charles Dreyfus, Jr. is experiencing financial difficulties the mags involved are "Screen Weekly", edited by Frederick James Smith "Broadway and Hollywood Movies", published by George Ullman and "Hollywood Movie Album", published by Joe Bonica • • • IT'S PRETTY tough for young Dreyfus the only remaining competitor of American News Company since General, the MacFadden distributing outfit, folded the other week and if Charlie can't get the necessary funds from his rich dad to carry on looks as if American will have a clear field but over 100 creditors, including transportation companies, printers and publishers are yelling for their dough the printers are holding the issues of the various mags for their advance so these three fan publishers who are doing such fine work in their field are having their headaches and thousands of fans are wondering what has happened to their favorite literature • • • HERE WAS Frederick James Smith going great guns with his mag and George Ullman making real dough with a conservatively published sheet whereas most of the big fan mags are in the red while Joe Bonica's case is the most tragic of all with the current issue he launched a new and unique idea that promised to put him in the top row of fan publications with this stunt he could afford to give the mag away and still make plenty of dough it's a swell chance for somebody to step in and help these three publishing lads out of their difficulties for they all have publishing properties that are big potential money-makers • • • SEEMS AS if everybody is talking about that new departure of Walt Disney using Technicolor in "Flowers and Trees" a Silly Symphony reviewers all over the country are giving the novelty the space of a big feature in their comments the next one, "King Neptune" is ready for release and they say it even surpasses the first and if the reaction continues to be so flattering you can reasonably look for color to be extended to the Mickey Mouse series also • • • HOW CAN they bring color to an animated pix, you ask that is simple it is done by painting the sketches and then photographing them with a Technicolor camera which gives that soft tone color effect almost like a water color so pleasing and soothing to the eyes. • • • OH, YES and Mickey Mouse has a birthday on Oct. 1 believe it or not every public and parochial school in the United States will be closed in Mickey's honor whatta publicity stunt! who engineered it? why, the guy who makes up the calendar .... Oct. 1 is a Saturday oops . . EXCHANGES IN 16 CITIES SET SO FAR BY POWERS (Continued from Page 1) Seattle, Portland, Dallas and Minneapolis. The latter exchange was officially acquired yesterday with the signing of Elliott Films of Minneapolis as a Powers representative. British Board of Censors Rough on "Modern" Stuff (Continued from Page 1) cial problems and aspects of modern life. Industry spokesmen say they are prepared to accept the Board's rulings where they affect such controversial matters as religion and politics, but it is felt that too severe restrictions are being placed on topics demanded by a sophisticated public. SCREENART GETS "ENEMY" Screenart Pictures has acquired distribution rights to "The Silent Enemy," which Paramount released in key spots a few years ago, President Frank D. Ferrone announced yesterday. Picture has been reedited and cut from nine to seven reels. « « « » » » N. Y. PARAMOUNT BOOKINGS Tentative advance bookings for the Paramount on Broadway have just been set as follows: Sept. 16, "The Night of June 13"; Sept. 23, "Heritage of the Desert"; Sept. 30, "The Phantom President"; Oct. 7, "Madison Square Garden"; Oct. U "Night after Night"; Oct. 21 and 28, "Blonde Venus"; Nov. 4, "Hot Saturday"; Nov. 11 and 18, "Honest Finder." FIRE IN OAKLAND HOUSE Oakland, Cal. — A projection room explosion followed by fire at the Broadway early yestei'day did considerable damage and injured five persons. ilif [MANY HAPPY RETURNS! Best wishes are extended by THE FILM DAILY to the following members of the industry, who are celebrating their birthdays: Sept. 10-11 Al St. John Bessie Love Matty Kemp Lily Damita Hector Turnbull Herbert Stothart James Huneker