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THE -Z&*1 DAILY Saturday, Sept. 10,1932 :the rut w%\\ \i it. m HiMroM Vol. IX, No. 60 Saturday, Sept.10, 1932 Price 5 Cents JOHN W. AL1C0ATE Editor and Publisher Published daily except Sundays and Holidays at 1630 Broadway, New York, N. Y., by Wid's Films and Film Folk, Inc. J. W. Alicoate, President, Editor and Publisher, Donald M. Mersereau, Secretary-Treasurer and General Manager; Arthur W. Eddy. Associate Editor; Don Carle Gillette, Managing Editor. Entered as second class matter, May 21, 1918, at the post-office at New York, N. Y., under the act of March 3, 1879. Terms (Postage free) United States outside of Greater New York $10.00 one year, 6 months, $5.00; 3 months, $3.00. Foreign, $15.00. Subscriber should remit with order. Address all communications to THE FILM DAILY, 1650 Broadway, New York. N. Y., Phone, Circle 7-4736, 7-4737, 7-4738, 7-4739. Cable address: Filmday. New York. Hollywood. California— Ralph Wilk, 6425 Hollywood Blvd., Phone Granite 6607. LondonErnest \V. Fredman, The Film Renter. 89-91 Wardour St., W. I. Berlin— Karl WolfT«ohn. Lichtbildbuehne, Friedrichstrasse, 225. Paris — P. A. Harle, La Cinematographic Francaise. Rue de la Cour-des-Noues, 19. FINANCIAL NEW YORK STOCK MARKET Net High Low Close 011?. Am. Seat 3Vt 2Yt 3J4 + V/s Columbia Pets. Vtc. \3% 1254 13 — H Ton. Fm. Ind.... 3% IVa, $lA Con. Fm. Ind. pfd. 7% 7!4 7Y* + V? East. Kodak 61?<s 58 58'/$ — H Fox Fm. "A" ..5^ 4^ 5% + Ye Loew's, Inc 37& 3SYi 3554 do pfd 79J4 79*4 79V4 + \Va, M G M pfd 21 21 21 Paramount 7Vi 7 7V% + Va, Pathe Exch VA 1 V/a + Y* do "A" W* 3U 4 + '/a RKO "A" 7H 6% 7Y* + Y« Warner Bros 4'/2 3Vi 4J4 + ?4 do pfd 12 12 12 + VA NEW YORK CURB MARKET Technicolor 4^ 4'4 4^4 + U Trans-Lux 3J4 2U 3Ys + 54 NEW YORK BOND MARKET Gen. Th. En,. 6s40 5 34 Wt $Yz + Y Keith A-O 6s46... 45J4 45 45+2 6s 41ww 86 85 86 Paramount 6s 47.. 41 39J4 39'A — Ya Par. By. 5j4s51.. 65 b2% 65 Par. 6!4s50 39J4 37f£ 38 -f V2 Pathe 7s37 66 66 66 +1 Warner's 6s39 ... 38 33J4 37^6 + 25^ WORLD WIDE-RKO BOOKING World Wide and RKO have closed a deal whereby World Wide'b "Those We Love" will play first-run in Chicago at the State-Lake, week starting Sept. 17. Loew also has booked the picture for 128 playing days in the New York metropolitan district. It opens Sept. 13 at Loew's 83rd and 175th St. ST. Occ CHARLES upying Entire Block ON THE BOARDWALK ATLANTIC CITY A Smart Hotel in America's Smartest Resort Ideal Convention Facilities ATTRACTIVE RATES Three Releases Weekly Scheduled by Vitaphone Vitaphone shorts during 1932-33 will be released at the rate of two single reels and one two-reel subject a week. Releases have just started with the following three subjects: "Dancing Around the World," an E. M. Newman picture; "C'est Paris," of the Broadway Brevities series, done in Technicolor; "Rambling Around Radio Row," Pepper Pot series subject, with the Boswell Sisters, Kate Smith, Stoopnagle and Budd and Abe Lyman. National Poster Ass'n Drops Manufacturing Plan National Poster Service Ass'n formed by independent poster exchanges last July, has discarded its announced plans of making its own posters. Change is due to fact that several major distributors are not prosecuting independent exchanges for use of their paper on the grounds of copyright violation, as threatened early in the summer. A check-up made yesterday shows that independent poster exchanges are now operating without being hampered in this respect. Abandoning of this project is not expected to interfere with the association's plans for increasing its membership. Meetings are being held weekly in New York. MG-M BUYS 3 STORIES A play, a novel and a magazine article have been bought by M-G-M for adaptation to the screen in the near future. The play, "Whistling in the Dark," bv Laurence Gross and Edward Childs Carpenter, had a successful Broadway run last season with Ernest Truex in the leading role. The new book is "Vol de Nuit," or "Nio-ht Flight," bv Antoine de Saint Exuperv. a novel published originally in French and recently in an English translation. A. deFord Pitney is the author of "Girl Delinauent — Ag:e Sixteen." an article which anpeared in "Harper's Magazine" last April. 16 mm. EXPOSITION POSTPONED Date of the National 16 mm. Exposition at the Hotel Victoria, New York, has been postponed from Sept. 19-24 to Oct. 24-29, it is announced by A. D. V. Storey, treasurer and executive secretary. The delay is due to the fact that a number of important new offerings in the way of 16 mm. equipment will not be ready until October. PARA. BOND PAYMENT Payment of $800,000 principal amount of its 20-year 6 per cent sinking fund gold bonds has been made by Paramount to Chase National Bank, in compliance with the sinking fund requirement for Oct. 1. There remains $12,000,000 face amount of these bonds in the hands of the public, out of an original issue of $16,000,000. No Deal with Hiram Brown In Beacon Films Expansion Although Beacon Films is discussing expansion plans, no deal has been made with Hiram Brown, former RKO president, to join the company in an executive capacity, said President Roy P. Gates in New York yesterday. Negotiating New Pact With Boston Musicians Negotiations toward a new musicians' contract for Boston, begun last June, are now in progress in New York between the local and the three major circuits operating in that city. Meetings are being held at Publix with Dave Chatkin representing that circuit, Major L. E. Thompson for RKO, and Joe Vogel for Loew. BEN GOETZ TO SAIL Ben Goetz, executive vice-president of Consolidated Film Industries, is sailing for Europe next week on a three-weeks' business trip in connection with activities of this company and its subsidiary, the American Record Co. 'FLAME OF MEXICO' IN MEXICO Mexico City — "Flame of Mexico," produced by Juliet Barrett Rublee, opened this week at the Paramount Olympia theater here, the premiere being appropriately timed with the installation of Mexico's new president. THE INDUSTRY'S DATE BOOK Sept. 11-13: Fourth annual convention of Southeastern Theater Owners' Ass'n, Ansley Hotel, Atlanta. Ga. Sept. 12: New England Annual Film GoH Tournament, (Course to be announced later.) Sept. 13: Meeting of Allied Theater Own ers of New Jersey, New York Office, 303 West 42nd St., 2 P. M. Sept. 14: Quarterly meeting of board of directors. Motion Picture Prodcers 4 Distributors of America, New York Sept. 14: Monthly meeting of Allied Theater Owners of Ontario. Sept. 16: Annual outing of Cleveland ex hibitors, Lake Forest Country Club Hudson, Ohio. Sept. 19: Allied M.P.T.O.A. conference, Hotel Congress, Chicago. Sept. 20: Semi-monthly meeting of Allied Theaters of Michigan, Fox Theater Bldg., Detroit. Sept. 23: Annual golf tournament of Philadelphia exchanges and exhibitors, Lu Lu Country Club, Philadelphia. Oct. 5: Meeting of Society of Motion Picture Engineers. Electrical Institute, Grand Central Palace. N. Y. Oct. 24-29: Second annual 16 mm. National Motion Picture Exposition, Hotel Vict.. rit. New York. Oct. 27-Nov. 13: Film trade exhibition Pare des Expositions, Paris, France. Nov. 10: Annual Awards Banquet of Acad emy of Motion Picture Arts and Science* Hollywood. RAWLINSON IN PLAY Herbert Rawlinson has been casl for "When Ladies Meet," new Rachel Crothers play which Johr Golden puts into rehearsal Monday * * * * * FIVE STAR FEATURE NATIONAL PROJECTOR CARBONS "tAt Pre-Cratered High Intensity Carbons "K" New National SRA Carbons ^ 13.6 mm x 22 inch High Intensity Carbons ir 85 Ampere 9 x 20 "High-Low" White Flame Projector Carbons ^ Low Prices Two satisfied patroris pay for the carbons used ai each performance. NATIONAL PROJECTOR CARBONS NATIONAL CARBON COMPANY, INC. Carbon Sales Division • Cleveland, Ohio Unit of Union Carbide I'lHM »"J Carbon Corporation New York Branch Sales Offices: Pittsburgh Chicago San Francisco