The Film Daily (1932)

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Intimate in Character International in Scope Independent in Thought The Daily Newspaper Of Motion Pictures Now Fifteen Years Old VOL. LX, NC 6€ NEW yCEK, SATLCDAY, SEPTEMBER 1€, 1932 <5 CENTS 64% of August Releases Okayed for Family Trade PUBLIX PUTS DUBINSKY CIRCUIT IN RECEIVERSHIP Loew, Warner and RKO Shares Advance to New Highs Amusement Stocks Make New Tops for This Year Led by Warner Bros., with a urnover of 72,000 shares for the iay, three of the leading amusement stocks yesterday made new lighs for the year. Loew went to 57%, but lost its gain in the closng sell-off; Warner went to 4% and :losed at 4%, while RKO touched S%, -losing at 7!i. Paramount and (Continued on Page 5) IUDGES NAMED TO SELECT TECHNICAL ACHIEVEMENTS Vest Coast Bureau of THE FILM DAILY Hollywood — Appointment of a loard of judges, to review technical ind scientific achievements within he film industry has been made by Chairman Nugent H. Slaughter of he Technicians Branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts .nd Sciences, as follows: John Arnld, J. A. Ball, Carl Dreher, Emery luse, K. F. Morgan, Maurice Pivar, lax E. Parker and J. M. Nickolaus. (Continued on Page 4) Von-Partisanship Urged In Academy Awards Vest Contf 3t>rr?n cf THE FILM DAILY Hollywood — The chief producing xecutives of the principal studios ave notified members of the Acadmy of M. P. Arts and Sciences that hey are heartily in accord with the nought that the nominations and oting for the annual Academy (Continued on Page 3) Paul Bern Funeral West Coast Bur., THE FILM DAILY Hollywood — Following a private funeral yesterday, the body of Paul Bern was prepared for cremation. The funeral was private, with a few relatives and friends, as well as Jean Harlow, the widow, hearing Conrad Nagel read a eulogy. Erpi Business Up 50% in Past Month Gross business of Electrical Research Products is understood to have increased 50 per cent during the past four weeks. Reopening of dark houses, marking termination of equipment rental readjustments, figures importantly in the increase. Allied-M.P.T.O. A. Joint Conference Definitely Set for Chicago, Sept. 18 Risque Dialogue Causes Trouble with Va. Censor Richmond — Risque and sometimes vulgar dialogue is the chief offender in films inspected recently by the Virginia censor board. Suggestive scenes also continue to cause eliminations. In the past two weeks or so, cuts were made in 13 pictures. Holding of the proposed AlliedM.P.T.O.A. joint conference on the standard contract and other industry problems has been definitely set for the Hotel Congress, Chicago, on Monday, Sept. 19. Confirmation of the meeting plans was wired by Abram F. Myers to President M. (Continued on Page 4) Publix Merges Comerford Districts Several changes in the internal setup of the Comerford and New England districts have been effected by Publix coincident with the consolidation of the two Comerford districts and the shifting of District Manager Robert Sternberg to a. New England territory. In the Comerford area, District Manager William E. Schmidt assumes supervision of (Continued on Page 4) All W. Palm Beach Houses Closed by Union Trouble West Palm Beach, Fla. — Closing of the Kettler, Publix house, due to differences with its projectionists, leaves this city without a movie theater. All other houses operated by Publix here and in the adjoining city of Lake Worth were closed several weeks ago. Review Board Puts Family 'O.K'. On 64Per Cent of August Films B. & K. Gets Extension In Accounting Action Wilmington, Del. — Chancellor J. O. Wolcott in Chancery Court has extended until Sept. 13 the time for the filing of an answer by Balaban & Katz, Paramount Publix Corp., Great States Theaters, Inc., and Publix Great States Theaters, to the accounting suit filed by Max Kirchheimer of Chicago. Continuing the upward trend of family type pictures, a new high mark of 64 per cent of the features viewed last month by the National Board of Review received the "family" rating. Number of pictures so designated was 32, out of a total of 52, two of which were French dialogue productions. Thjs high percentage of family pictures during (Continued on Page 3) Dubinsky, "Astounded" at Action, Plans to Fight Move Kansas City — A petition by Paramount Publix for a receivership for the Publix-Dubinsky Theaters, Inc., was granted yesterday by the Circuit Court. Action names Edward Dubinsky, general manager; Barney Dubinsky and Irwin Dubinsky as defendants. Petition charges Edward Dubin(Continued on Page 4) exchanges1n16 cities set so fahy powers With the closing of deals next week for exchanges in Detroit and Atlanta, Powers Pictures is within five branches of completing its coast-to-coast list of distributing centers. Powers exchanges are now functioning in 16 cities, namely, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago, St. Louis, New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francisco, (Continued on Page 3) British Board of Censors Rough on ''Modern" Stuff London — Film trade circles here are up in ar~i.« over the aot'on of the British Board of Film Censors in banning about a million dollars' worth of films within a fortnight. There seems to be a growing tendency on the part of the Board to object to the free discussion of so (Continued on Page 3) Real Life Moral Denver — Bert Vought, formerly assistant manager of the Capitol, Scranton, Pa., walked into the Denver police headquarters and confessed that he had stolen $400 in receipts and a $600 payroll from the safe of that theater in July, 1931. He came to Colorado soon after and got a job on a ranch but his conscience troubled him so that he gave himself up.