The Film Daily (1932)

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Friday, Sept. 9, 1932 ERPI REPORTED BEHIND EASTERN STUDIO T (Continued from Page 1) Film Daily of Aug. 5, is now being sought. Capt. George McL. Baynes, head of Eastern Service Studio, will have charge of the plant, which will cempare in size with major company studios at the Coast. Eastern Service Studio has only one stage and so far is understood to have proven inadequate from the standpoint of space to meet the needs of various independent producers who are working there. NEILAN ON STANLEY FILM Marshall Neilan will direct "Enlighten Thy Daughter" for Stanley Distribution release. He is now working on the script. DEAN TO STAGE PLAY HERE Basil Dean arrives in New York on Sept. 25 from London to produce "Autumn Crocus" for the stage. He did the show in London recently. Dean is also making six features in England for RKO. TREWHELA IN LEWISTOWN Lewistown, Mont.— John W. Trewhela, formerly of Missoula, is now manager o the Fox-Judith Theater here. He was appointed by "Will Steege, regional manager for Fox West Coast. JUNE KNIGHT WITH HOLTZ June Knight, who is understood to be under consideration by M-G-M for a term contract, leaves tonight for Pittsburgh to open with Lou Holtz in "Humpty Dumpty." COMING & GOING HARPO MARX is back in Hollywood again after an airplane flight from New York. NORMAN H. MORAY, in charge of Vitaphone short subjects and trailers, leaves tomorrow for a trip to Toronto, Cleveland, Buffalo and New York. He expects to be gone a week. HARRY ROSENQUEST, assistant to Norman H. Moray of Vitaphone, leaves tomorrow for the middle west. He will visit Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Des Moines, Omaha, St. Louis and Memphis during his three week's trip. JACK CONNOLLY, editor of Pathe News, is in London for a two weeks' survey of branch offices in Great Britain. AMBROSE "BO" DOWLING arrived in London yesterday. KATHERINE HEPBURN sailed for Europe lost night on the Europa. BOB SAVINI returned yesterday from Charlotte and Atlanta. ARTHUR LOEW leaves for the coast Sept. 15, on the first lap of his around-the-world air tour. BOB SISK returned from the coast yesterday. FRANK TUTTLE plans to return to the coast tomorrow. ROBERT CLEMMONSand JOE SILVERMAN, both of Texas, who are in New York buying product, have extended their stay. —<%&% DAILY ALONG IALTO PUILMDALY NEW VOPJC UOS ANGELES • • • LOOKS AS if feature production in the East is off to a new and promising start at least so far as indie production is concerned for Bud Pollard has started shooting his thrill pix, "The Horror" over at the Atlas Studio in Long Island City this being the first big production for Atlas at their new headquarters where they have every modern technical facility for handling any type of feature for the independent producer • • • THIS IS the first of a series of six Bud Pollard "exploitation features". . . to be made at this Eastern stude which Bud has scheduled to shoot in record time so we got Mister Pollard's slant on this rather significant campaign of Eastern production of features for if it proves a successful proposition in terms of the box-office it means that a lot of other independent producers are going to shoot right here in the East for, after all, New York has always been conceded certain definite advantages over Hollywood but let Bud tell it in his own words • • • "I WAS all set to go to Hollywood for this series of six features when I discovered a studio right here in Long Island that had every facility as all my features are exploitation specials that is. novelties planned for exploitation angles in which I will use a lot of theatrical talent that I cannot get on the West Coast for instance, in 'The Horror' I am using five different people who are in New York stage productions they double up with me in their stage work they get a break and I get talent that I could not get in Hollywood." • • • WE WITNESSED shooting start yesterday on Bud's feature with five complete sets up in two days and we never saw a studio crew move as speedily and efficiently as these boys for all the union lads realize that here is their chance to prove that an indie producer can get service in the East and if they establish that fact it means more work for them from other producers sold on the idea that Eastern production is possible at a saving in time and dough and why not? 3,000 miles is a helluva distance for a guy to go for Service when he can get it a coupla miles from his home office • • • HAIL TO Hal! after establishing himself in this village as an after-dinner speaker a raconteur a wit a facile flipper of facetious fancies Hal Home, advertising chief of United Artists has at last been recognized by his own industry as a gent who can grace a speaker's table as well as an advertising copy desk. . . . so they unanimously voted him new prexy of the AMPAS * * * * • • • SO IT'S a foregone conclusion that the AMPA is in for one of its most brilliant seasons with Hal in the chair a gent who is beloved and respected by everybody and who knows everybody in the amusement world he can line up some guests of honor that will have the S.R.O. sign out at the weekly luncheons but we're laying a bet right now that none of the honored guests will out shine Hal when it comes to passing out the bon mots he looms up as the logical successor to the late Harry Reichenbach as the Wit of the Industry yet a guy who can make a serious and constructive address also as his speech of acceptance clearly proved « « « » » » NEW FIRM WILL PRESENT DRAMA IN FILM HOUSES (Continued from Page 1) cast the shows just like Broadway productions, according to Turner. Lower admission prices of the movie houses, together with the grind policy and absence of the reserved seat idea, are figured as factors in favor of drawing the public. In Detroit it was found that about 75 per cent of the movie audiences had never seen a stage play, and they received these shows with enthusiasm, Turner says. STILL DICKERING IN ST. LOUIS St. Louis — Theater owners and the projectionists' union are still dicker ing over a new contract, with ey hibitors demanding a cut in scale BARRYMORE FILM FOR ASTOR "Rasputin," M-G-M picture with the three Barrymores, is slated to follow "Strange Interlude" at the Astor. SHILLING PRODUCING PLAY William Shilling, picture director, is producing "Ole Man Satan," Negro show which opens at the Forrest on Sept. 19. Donald Heywood wrote the music. THEATER FOR HARTSDALE A theater is included in a $1,000,000 business center development planned in Hartsdale, Westchester, opposite the railroad station. I. Randolph and Everett Jacobs are behind the venture. "CHINA EXPRESS" AT CAMEO "China Express," Amkino picture, opens today at the RKO Cameo. It was previously shown here two years ago. "ZWEI HERZEN" RETURNS "Zwei Herben im 3/4 Takt," German musical which holds the long run record of about a year at the Europa, plays a return engagement at this house starting Sept. 10. MANY HAPPY RETURNS Sept Ned E. Depinet Pauline Garon Charles Farrell Neil Hamilton Nat Feltman