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THE DAILY Friday, Sept. 9, 1932 DAVID SELZNICK TO GET NEW CONTRACT FROM RKO {Continued from Page 1) cutive's contract following a conference with Harold B. Franklin, who returned from the coast Monday. Warner Studio Preparing 15 Stories, All Different {Continued from Page 1) nation of drama and romance which takes Barbara Stanwyck out of the fields and into the boudoir and night life. "Lawyer Man," an original story of a lawyer who fights for his vindication after having been framed by a ring of crooked politicians. "Parachute," based upon a story by Rian James in which Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. will be starred, is based upon the adventures of a former naval aviator who innocently gets mixed up with bootleggers flying in liquor from Canada. "The Lowdown," an original story by Houston Branch will costar William Powell and Kay Francis in a highly amusing comedy drama based upon the activities of a press agent. "The Adopted Father," starring George Arliss is based upon a story by Edgar Franklin. "Grand Slam," based upon the novel by B. Russell Hertz, has a bridge background. "The Radio Girl," musical numbers written by Harry Warren and Al Dubin, will star Bebe Daniels. It has a radio background. "The Mind Reader," in which William Powell will be starred in the play by Vivian Cosby, will be an expose of the tricks used by so called mind readers, crystal gazers, etc. "The Wax Museum," which will be made by an all star cast headed by Lionel Atwill, is based upon an unproduced play by Charles S. Belden. This will be of the thriller type, possibly produced in Technicolor, with a fine love story running throughout the action which takes place in a wax museum. It is a most unusual story, tbe details of which are being kept under cover for the present. Then comes "Forty-Second Street," which is based upon a novel by Bradford Ropes. An all star cast consisting of Richard Barthelmess, Warren William, George Brent, Kay Francis, Joan Blondell, Ruby Keeler, Dick Powell, Guy Kib Special Run Probably the smallest town ever selected as the scene of a world screen premiere is Dyersburg, Tenn., where on Oct. 3, "The Cabin in the Cotton." starring Richard Barthelmess. will be shown for the first time publicly. This showing will be in no sense merely a preview, but the picture will go into the Francis Theater, a house seating 400, as a regular attraction and will remain there for a run. The reason for the choice of Dyersburg, it is announced, is that it is the home town of Hcnrv Harrison Kroll who wrote the novel, "The Cabin in the Cotton." A LITTLE from "LOTS ►// By RALPH WILK HOLLYWOOD pRESTON FOSTER has had his option renewed by Warner Bros. Foster attracted much attention by his work in "Two Seconds" and "The Last Mile." * * * Members of the "Hot Saturday" unit have returned from Lake Arrowhead, where exteriors were shot. William A. Seiter is directing, with William LeBaron associate producer and Arthur Lubin assistant to LeBaron. Karl Freund, ace cameraman, has been promoted to direct "Imhotep." Freund did the camera work on "Back Street," "Variety" and numerous other pictures. * * * Our Passing Show: Jane Murfin and Robert Benchley conferring at RKO; Erwin Gelsey and David Boehm busy at Warner Bros.; Hal Wallis motoring to Burbank; John Stone, Gordon Westcott, P. J. Wolfson, Allen Rivkin, Dewey Robinson, Dave Garber, Mitzi Cummings at Abram Simon's party given in honor of Lester Weinrodd. * * * George M. Cohan, who has been making "The Phantom President" for Paramount, expects to leave this week for New York to produce a stage play. * * * Ann Harding will probably be starred by RKO in "The Fountain," novel by Charles Morgan. * * * Radio picture assignments: Christian Rub for "Secrets of the French Police," Mike Donlin for "Strange Justice," Jim Donnelly for "The Druggist's Dilemma" short, Winter Hall and Herbert Bunston for "The Monkey's Paw," and Betty Furness, newcomer, for "Renegades of the West," Tom Keene western. bee, Glenda Farrell and Frank McHugh will be used in this drama with music and a cast of approximately 400 people. The story is laid almost entirely within the theatrical center of New York, with much of the action dealing with life behind the scenes. Ruth Chatterton and George Brent will again be teamed in "Paris Divorce," by Randolph Bartlett. This is a drama of triangles and mixed love affairs. "Sucker," by Bertram Millhauser and Beulah Marie Dix, will star Richard Barthelmess, who will enact the role of a popular prize-fighter who thinks he knows the ropes. Edward G. Robinson will be starred in "The Machine," an unusual story of a hard department store owner by David Cohen, a staff writer. Robinson will play the role of the department store owner. An elaborate Indian story is being prepared by Columbia for Tim McCoy. * * * Warner Bros, have bought the screen rights to "The Sucker," a story by Bertram Milhauser and Beulah Marie Dix. * * * Sumner Getchell, Douglas Dombrille and Leon Waycoff are appearing in Columbia's "That's My Boy." * * * Dorothy Vernon and Lyle Tayo are additions to the cast of Radio Pictures' "Second Fiddle," featuring Leo Carrillo, Vivienne Osborne and others. * * * Ruth Chatterton will next appear as the star of a story entitled "Common Ground," by Gerald Beaumont, according to latest advices from First National. This will precede "A Paris Divorce," recently announced, which has been postponed. George Brent will again appear with Miss Chatterton in "Common Ground." * * * Upon the completion of "The Phantom of Crestwood," J. Walter Ruben will direct Bill Boyd in Radio Pictures' "Yukon," being written by Al Block from the adventure story, "Sir Piegan Passes," by W. C. Tuttle. B. F. Zeidman will oversee the Boyd production. * * * Mayo Methot has a leading role in Columbia's "Vanity Street," in which Charles Bickford and Helen Chandler have the principal parts. George Meeker and Arthur Hoyt also are in the cast. * * * Maureen O'Sullivan will be George O'Brien's leading lady in his next Fox picture, "Robbers' Roost," from the Zane Grey novel of that title. Louis King is to direct this production which is being adapted for the screen by Dudley Nichols. Rian James is at work on the "shooting script" of "The Mind Reader," which is slated as a starring vehicle for William Powell. * * * Erie C. Kenton will direct Paramount's "Island of Lost Souls," which will introduce as the Panther Woman an unknown girl chosen from among 60,000 candidates in a nation-wide contest. Waldemar Young and Philip Wylie are adapting "Island of Lost Souls," from the H. G. Wells novel, "The Island of Dr. Moreau." * * * Reginald Owen enters the cast of the Fox picture, "Sherlock Holmes" to play Doctor Watson. Clive Brook has the title part in this mystery drama now in production with Miriam Jordan in the other principal role. Ernest Torrence ALE DIME SCALES IN OHIO ELIMINATED BY WARNERS {Continued from Page 1) Columbia in Portsmouth, with M. L. Seamon as manager. In Mansfield, O., Charles Kaiser replaced Louis Milder as manager of the Majestic. At the Capitol, Elyria, Lewis Lamm replaces Barry Shedd. Admission prices were increased in Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Lorain, Elyria, Springfield, Findley, Sydney, Kenton, Mansfield, Chillicothe, Portsmouth, Sandusky and Alliance. Throughout the Ohio territory especially Silver found the theater managers most optimistic over future business because of increasing activity in the steel industry. The same spirit of cheerfulness was also present throughout the Chicago and Milwaukee territories, where double features are being discontinued. plays Doctor Moriarty. William K. Howard is directing from the screen play by Bayard Veiller. * * * Nell O'Day steps into an important role with Victor McLaglen in the Fox football satire, "Rackety Rax." Stadium sequences of this production are now being photographed and recorded under the direction of Alfred Werker. Prominent in the cast of "Rackety Rax" are Greta Nissen, Allan Dinehart. Arthur Pierson, Ma"jorie Beebe, Ward Bond, coaches Howard Jones and Alonzo Stagg, and a squad of college football stars. * * * Mrs. William Slavens McNutt, wife of the Paramount writer, on her first off shore trip aboard the sailing yacht, "Fayth," broke the world's speed record from Santa Barbara to Diamond Head, Honolulu. * * * Just added to the cast of "The Match King," currently in production at the First National studios, are the following players: Claire Dodd, Spencer Charters, Alan Hale, Murray Kinnell, George Meeker and Harry Beresford. * * * Clara Bow's first Fox production, "Call Her Savage" is rounding into shape and will soon be in produc j tion. Monroe Owsley and Willard Robertson have been assigned important roles by director John Francis Dillon. Gilbert Roland and Thelma Todd have already been cast. Muni Resuming Stage Role Paul Muni, who recently completed the principal role in "I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang," at the Warner studios in California, has returned to New York to resume his role in "Counsellor-at-Law," which opens Monday night at the Plymouth. He will go back to Hollywood for his next picture early in the winter. ,