The Film Daily (1932)

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e/"The BIRD of the RKORadio Club!. . . // "Well, Congratulations to you, Luana . . . I'll say you are some Bird ... a real "BIRD OF PARADISE" to Theatres these days! I have just been reading about you in VARIETY and those records you've been smashing made me begin to wonder if I was losing my sex appeal . . . but I guess not from the daily reports that are coming in! Yes, I'm real proud of that Motion Picture Herald award and Ben Shlyen's too . . . but then I deserve it! But say! . . . What's the idea af busting that Toledo record of mine? . . . And by almost double too! And Detroit . . . I thought I was head man in that town for years to come and here you go and nip my record by more than three thousand, to say nothing of good old Kansas City and Akron! Certainly am proud of you girl, and while there is bound to be a certain amount of professional jealousy . . . still I can't help admiring anyone who can get a better strangle hold on a box-office than I can and it sure is a great feeling to know that we're "Bringing 'Em Back to the BoxOffices." Give my regards to the folks on Broadway . . . they sure^ treated me swell. As ever, FRANK BUCK'S BAD BOY, "PYTHY.