The Film Daily (1932)

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Mr. PYTHON, n're both member Box-Offia "Congratulations, Mr. Python ... I just read in Motion Picture Herald that you're the Box-Office Champion for July, heading the list of the ten best attractions! And on top of that Ben Shlyen who runs Associated Publications out in Kansas City pins the August BLUE RIBBON FAMILY PICTURE AWARD on your manly chest! You sure did "BRING 'EM BACK ALIVE" and wrap yourself around some mean attendance records! Some Snake, I calls you! But did you hear the latest? Your little girl friend, Luana, just wriggled the folks in Cleveland out of four thousand more smackers on the week than you were able to squeeze out of 'em, and did I hang 'em on the chandeliers in New Orleans! Say, they were standing in the rain for hours! Lots of other towns said it with records too ... I guess we're just a couple of real box-office babies! . . . I'm coming into New York next week . . . that Mayfair record of yours is going to be hard to beat . . . gosh! New York must be a big town if nearly a half million people saw you there . . . Well, wish me luck. Aloha, Luana, "THE BIRD OF PARADISE"